Composition and colour play a key part in the creation of these images that record arbitrary details and 'normal' landscapes that are touched by humanity and the debris of our contemporary world. Rachael looks at landscape initially through the use of photography or 'snaps', she is interested in recording a sequence of moments that come from scenes of the mundane and every day; such as streets, roadways, rail road sidings, fences, buildings, travel; to recall, recreate and show things as they are. The paintings hint at exodus and capture empty roads going nowhere, trains passing through. They are nonspecific landscapes that although empty of human activity are redolent of human psychology.

Rachael lives in rural West Penwith in Cornwall, and lived for many years, until very recently in the Lamorna Valley; this place has a haunting eeriness and a melancholic atmosphere, especially in the autumn and winter months.  In the spring it bursts with life abundance and beauty.   

There is something about the landscape in this part of the world that resonates with me, in an unsettling way; it is both beautiful and solemn. 
— Rachael Reeves 2019