Tim Ridley graduated from Chelsea College of art & Design in 2011 where he was awarded the Ovalhouse prize. He moved to Penzance in 2014 and in 2015 his paintings won the Gloucester University Prize at The Open West exhibition.His quirky often small- scale painting, collage, assemblage and drawings are all made from found materials.

Tim has been vegan for 30 yrs and his practice minimises any impact on animals or the environment. There is an ‘antique’ timeless aesthetic in Tim’s work.

Tim is represented by Saatchi Art and Singulart On Line. His work has featured in the discerning ING Discerning Eye, London, Wells Art Contemporary Show, Beep 2018, Wales, Imagine Falmouth, Arts Council supported solo show at PZ Gallery, Daisy Laing’s, Penzance, 5 NSA group shows at Tremenheere Sculpture Park Gallery, Primary Nottingham, Xero, Kline & Coma, London and Monumental Masons, Brick Lane, London.

Tims work is as good as anything Martin Creed makes
— Roger Ackling